Thank you very much for looking after me so well during my time at 'farm nursery'.  Please enjoy these treats and have a lovely summer.  I will see you in September :) Love Noah xxx

Hi Nibley staff

I just wanted to send you an email letting you know how well I feel Billy is coming on at Nursery.  I feel its important that I give you feedback on my experience of the years at the nursery as its always great at having good feedback, knowing how well you are all doing.

Billy’s talking has improved greatly, and he loves coming to Nibley House, when I drop Daisy off at Nibey school, he always asks I am going to Nursery today (I think he would come everyday if he had his way!)

With having Daisy go through the years at Nibley house, I cant thank you all enough for your care, support and interaction with the children throughout their years at the nursery. It is a major part of their lives and I feel so relaxed knowing they are in such good hands at Nibley. The interaction with us Parents as well is always so good, and feel the little red books are a great way to communicate to what they have been doing at each session.  Daisy thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Nursery and set her up so well for starting school this September just gone, she came to Nibley house at 2 years old, and she transformed into this amazing little girl and was so well looked after by you all at the nursery.

The feeling of the nursery itself is so warm and friendly and there is nothing you cant feel you can talk about to any member of staff. Everyone treats you as an individual and cares about how you are as a parent as well as treating the children with so much care.  To watch Billy run into Nursery on his sessions, gives me great joy knowing he loves what he will be doing each day, and he talks about all the other children and has a great bond with some of the children in his class.  He loves learning all the new topics and talks about them at home to Daisy and she always speaks so highly of you staff at the nursery, and how her favorite will always be Cathy.

With the running of the Nursery, its sometimes hard to be able to explain as a parent just how we feel about the service you offer at Nibley house, but I cant thank you enough for what you do there and I speak so highly of the Nursery to fellow friends and family.

I am looking forward to Billy’s next 2 years with you all at Nibley House.

Many thanks



Thankyou so much for having Joseph at your nursery. He has settled so well and really enjoys coming each day, the difference in him is amazing

Kind regards Sammy


How lucky was I to move to an area where there was a Rolls Royce of a nursery. Nibley staff don’t just welcome the child but the entire family.
Both my older boys attended Nibley from the age of two. Knowing that they were in such capable safe caring hands made leaving them so much more easier.
My middle son Roary, I thought was slow to talk but it was the caring and attentive staff who realised there was a more serious issue. They supported and guided both Roary and I and lead the way in getting the help that was needed. They acted as advocates for us in requesting the time and input needed for Roary in his transition to primary school.
My third child Darcey has only ever known Nibley Nursery. So it was never going to be a difficult decision when it came to sending her to the warm embracing arms of the staff.
My children have thrived at Nibley Nursery and I would emphatically whole heartedly recommend it to any prospective parents.
Thank you

A Big Thank you for taking such good care of Ria, and for all the fun things you have done. Cakes, paintings, rockets, welly prints…. she has had loads of fun – April 2016

Thank you for looking after Joe so well.  He’s had a very happy time here and we appreciate all you’ve done – July 2016

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and thank you so much for settling Rhys into the Crickets, he has absolutely loved his time at Nibley House Nursery and will really miss it!! – July 2016

Thank you for all your help during Daisy’s time at Nibley Nursery.  Daisy has loved coming and talks about all the staff so much at home.  You have all had a huge role to play in Daisy’s time at Nursery from being in Dragonflies for the first two years.  She really has had a wonderful experience.  I will see you in September with Billy, so Daisy will be coming to collect him with me. – July 2016

Thank you for everything you have done for Phoebe this year.  I can’t believe it’s time for school and we are going to miss everyone at Nibley House! You all truly do an amazing job and we thank you for looking after our baby so well! Phoebe is going to miss ‘her Cathy’!

Thank you for looking after me, love from Calum – July 2016

Thank you SO much for the lovely time you have given Finn over the last 18 months.  He has so enjoyed it.  I really appreciate the kindness, interest and care you have shown him.  There is just so much warmth at Nibley, it’s great – July 2016

Thank you so much for all your care and support – I’ve loved my time in Dragonflies, love from Edith – July 2016

Thank you so much for all the work you have done with Toby – he has come on so much from being with you  – July 2016

Thank you for everything! Going to miss you all love Flo – July 2016

Thank you for looking after me – I hope you have a lovely summer – love from Ralph – July 2016

Thank you for being my key worker and for helping me to settle into Nibley House, love Joshua – July 2016

Thank you for making my time at Nursery so enjoyable.  I have loved coming to Nibley and I will miss you all.  My baby brother Thomas will be coming to Nibley as soon as he is old enough! – July 2016

A huge and heartfelt thank you for us all for your kind and supportive care of Primrose and Poppy.  Our girls have thrived in your care and we so appreciate all your hard work and loveliness.  We will miss Nibley House Nursery so much.  What a wonderful start you have given both girls on their educational journey.  Thank you so so much.  Have a wonderful summer and a well earned rest.  July 2016

‘ You do an amazing job making all of our children feel welcome and like they are your own! Thank you for all your hard work!’

‘We have been extremely happy with nursery through two years of Dragonflies and now with the Crickets – thank you very much’

‘Keep up with the good work, you’re doing a fab job and i’m so pleased Daisy has had such a wonderful start with you’

‘Nibley House Nursery is a great environment for our children, thanks’

‘Really pleased with our daughters first year at the nursery. She loves it and feels happy with everything at the nursery’

‘My daughters happy so therefore I am happy! Thank you all for ensuring Ellie’s well looked after there!

‘Our daughter couldn’t be happier with your nursery and this in turn makes us as parents very happy with you all, thank you’

”Oliver has been to other childcare settings, but this is the happiest we have every seen him away from home.  The staff are all so friendly, we really value the fact that they are all so well experienced and devoted to caring and nurturing the children.  Nibley offers children fantastic learning opportunities in a fun environment’

‘I am very happy with nursery and am pleased my child can attend’

‘I have really appreciated all the time and care that has been given to me over settling my daughter into nursery as well as the level of attention and thoughtfulness to her – THANK YOU!’