Information for Parents

1. Red Books

• Please place your child’s book in the plastic box on the windowsill (Crickets) or shelf (Dragonflies)
• Your key worker will write in them once a week, our priority is to be with the children so if your book is not written in, please do not be offended
• Please feel free to share this book with other settings that your child may attend
• Write in them and share news from home – we read this out at snack time to share with the group – this sparks conversation and promotes language at home as well as at nursery.


2. Lunch

• Please name the outside of your child’s lunchbox and their drinks bottle
• Ensure that lunch items are easy to open
• Cut grapes/cherry tomatoes lengthways – these are a choking hazard!
• We encourage you to provide healthy food as we activity encourage a healthy lifestyle here at nursery. Take a moment to examine the sugar content in well known lunch box items. For example a 12g packet of a fruit snack contains up to 7g of sugar – don’t be seduced by the ‘healthy/fruit’ labels!
• Please do not pack sweets and chocolate bars in lunch boxes – encourage healthy eating from a young age.


3. Toys

• We have lots of toys at nursery, so please try and encourage your children to leave their toys at home.
• Children find it hard to share their favourite toy and toys can be hard to find at the end of the day which may cause upset if they are lost.
• However, we love for the children to share items related to our weekly topic, different objects, books and photos.


4. Independence

• Encourage your child to put on their own shoes/boots and coats
• Encourage your child to get dress and undressed independently
• Encourage wiping of their own bottoms – we are always there to help, but they could try first.
• Think about clothing – belts are hard at nursery, we love joggers! Cuffs are hard too! Shoes with laces are also tricky for a child to attempt independently.


5. Book Bags

• Children will have the opportunity to choose a book bag to bring home and share with you. This will include a book, prop or game and the bags own record sheet for you to fill out with your child. The bags can be kept for up to one week and then returned to Nursery. This is a great way to help support your child’s early literacy, language and communication skills at home, laying the foundations for their reading.


6. Ted Bear (Crickets Room)/This is Me Box (Dragonflies Room)

• Your child will have the opportunity to bring Ted Bear (our much loved Nursery bear) home to share the week with them and your family. Ted Bear loves joining in all your family fun from going to the shops, a sports club or playing with your child’s favourite toys at home. If you could put some photos and a few words about Ted Bear’s time with you in his diary, this would be great so we can read it out to the children when he returns from his visit ????
• This is me box – every child in the Dragonflies will get the opportunity to take our ‘This is Me’ Box home. We ask you to fill it with your child’s favourite toys, books and photos to share with their friends at nursery. It is used to help your child communicate with the rest of the group.


7. Parent involvement

• Would you be able to come and visit us at nursery and share a skill, play an instrument, read a book, talk about your profession with the children?? You are most welcome, let us know when you would like to come in and we can arrange it!


8. WOW Vouchers

• WOW vouchers are a great way of celebrating a child’s achievements with the group. It may be something like a sports award, riding a bike for the first time, sleeping in their own bed etc etc! However big or small, we like to talk about these things! Blank vouchers are in the dispenser in the cloakroom.


Finally, during our reception teachers visits last year, they told us they did not want children to read and write before going to school, but they wanted them to be able to:

• Sit and Listen
• Be sociable, kind and caring with others
• Dress/undress for PE
• Put on their own shoes and coats
• Wipe their own bottoms