Our Aims

We are committed to offering the best possible care for your children.

  • To encourage happy and confident children.

  • Offer a broad and well rounded education.

  • Realise the potential of each child in every area of nursery life.

  • Provide fabulous staff who are themselves open to learning and are given training opportunities for continuing professional development.

  • Motivate every child through an interesting, wide ranging educational experiences.

  • Ensure that all parents, teachers and children are part of a team and enjoy their time at Nibley House Nursery.

  • Install strong family values, which embrace a diverse community.

  • Provide opportunities for children to learn through spontaneous and active learning.

  • Provide an equal environment so that everyone is included.

  • To establish a caring and courteous community which embraces that principal that every child matters.

  • To use observations and records to support the children and their individual needed interests.

Many of these points were acknowledged in our Ofsted report of October 2016:

The proprietor and manager provide high quality care and inspirational experiences for children. Staff teach exceptionally well and together they provide a safe and highly stimulating environment.

 Parent partnerships are very strong. Children and their families benefit from the welcoming and extremely supportive environment. Parents are very pleased with the provision.

 Children confidently choose independent activities from a constantly changing selection. They engage and concentrate throughout highly stimulating adult-led activities.

 Staff identify any gaps in children’s learning due to their close checks and constant evaluations. They plan activities that focus precisely on children’s needs, closing gaps in their development quickly.

 Partnerships with other professionals are excellent. Staff use information and advice to develop skills and learning opportunities for children and their families.

 Staff attend training to constantly update their knowledge to support children’s care. Parents are welcomed to training events to further support children’s learning at home.

 Children have exceptionally strong and positive relationships with staff, who are excellent examples to them. Children’s behaviour is extremely good. Children are very courteous and work well together.

We are lucky enough to have visits from the Rev Peter Marsh who is the Parish Minister and Associate Priest for the Tyndale Benefice.


Rev'd Peter comes in at least once a term and spends time with the children. We also have trips to our local Church St. Martin's for stories and songs and we hold our nativity play here.  During lock down, Peter and Rosie from the chapel, sent us some songs and stories to share with you, click below and enjoy! 

The tiniest seed (3)
An unexpected picnic (1) (1)
Lost and Found (1)