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Nibley House NurseryAll our children are encouraged to develop their creativity, individuality and self confidence led by our caring and qualified staff. We understand that children develop at their own pace, so activities are devised for their individual age and ability.

We ensure that all children are treated as individuals and feel happy and safe when they are with us and away from their parents. We want them to feel confident when they are with us and to develop good relationship with the adults that are caring for them and with the other children in their group.

This was acknowledged in our Ofsted report in October 2016:

The proprietor and manager provide high quality care and inspirational experiences for children. Staff teach exceptionally well and together they provide a safe and highly stimulating environment.

 Parent partnerships are very strong. Children and their families benefit from the welcoming and extremely supportive environment. Parents are very pleased with the provision.

 Children confidently choose independent activities from a constantly changing selection. They engage and concentrate throughout highly stimulating adult-led activities.

 Staff identify any gaps in children’s learning due to their close checks and constant evaluations. They plan activities that focus precisely on children’s needs, closing gaps in their development quickly.

 Partnerships with other professionals are excellent. Staff use information and advice to develop skills and learning opportunities for children and their families.

 Staff attend training to constantly update their knowledge to support children’s care. Parents are welcomed to training events to further support children’s learning at home.

 Children have exceptionally strong and positive relationships with staff, who are excellent examples to them. Children’s behaviour is extremely good. Children are very courteous and work well together.

What makes a good nursery?

It’s the mix of:

  • the setting, the staff, the security, the activities…..
  • the fact that parents trust you to provide their children with a safe, happy, healthy, secure and stimulating environment…

We believe that we tick all those boxes. Nibley House Nursery opened in September 2003 and is situated in a cottage within the grounds of Nibley House. We are a ten minute drive from Dursley, Wotton under Edge and Charfield.

Nibley House NurseryChildren who love animals will love Nibley House Nursery. Our 200 acres of working farm includes sheep, cattle, horses and chicken. We pay frequent visits to the farm where the children can see and bottle feed new born lambs, take a look at foals, chicks and calves, see sheep being shorn, pick blackberries and apples in the Autumn, harvest potatoes and carrots – the list is endless as we make full use of the environment around us.

We have our own vegetable plot and we make our own compost by recycling our snack and lunch-time waste.

Safe, Secure, Healthy and Stimulating Surroundings

The nursery has well-equipped rooms that are homely and inviting and have resources suitable for the age of the children in them. These resources are structured in a way to promote a child’s independence, decision making and problem solving. Low level shelving allows resources to be displayed within reach so that children can make choices about which items they want to use in their activities.Nibley House Nursery

We have two large main classrooms at the nursery and children are divided according to age. The two year olds (Dragonflies) and the three/four year olds (Crickets). After the initial period of planned activities in their classrooms, the children are free to use which ever room they wish to do whatever activity they wish. We also have a large messy play room and cookery area and a separate room for music and movement or circle time. We also have a large outdoor play area and an all weather free flow play area to the side of the nursery.

Children can experience a wide range of materials, paint, glue, sand, water, gloop, crayons, chalk, and clay – whatever the topic (which changes weekly) the emphasis is on fun. We take the lead from the children as well creating activities around their ideas.

We also have a quiet area in each room where the children can sit on a bean bag or cushion and enjoy stories, rhymes and songs.


Child Protection Policies

Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare forms a large part of our statutory responsibilities and covers most of the requirements of our registration with Ofsted.

All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We follow the framework of the Every Child Matters government green paper which is structured around five outcomes which are key to a child’s well-being.

The five outcomes are:

  • stay safe – looking after the children’s welfare and ensuring a safe environment
  • be healthy – safeguarding and promoting children’s health and well-being
  • enjoy and achieve – supporting the children in their learning and development
  • make a positive contribution – working together with parents and encouraging children to play a beneficial part in their nursery and wider communit
  • organisation – ensuring all government policies, procedures and practices are strictly followed

Stay safe

Effective child protection is essential to us.  The welfare of every child we look after is paramount and everyone (including all staff, students, volunteers and visitors) has a responsibility to ensure that any areas of concern involving a child who may be at risk of harm, are recognised and dealt with immediately.

As a childcare provider, we have a moral duty of care to ensure that any concerns or incidents of suspected abuse or harm are reported to the relevant Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) without delay.

Parents will be notified of all concerns and referrals unless we are advised differently by the LSCB.

We ensure the safety and security of the premises and equipment by the following means:

  • Secure external doors.
  • Strict entry procedures using key codes.
  • All equipment used is suitable and safe for the children.
  • All toys and equipment are checked regularly for safety.
  • All electrical equipment is regularly checked.
  • Before opening, the nursery is checked every day by management for potential safety issues.
  • A fire risk assessment is completed regularly.
  • A risk assessment for all new and current activities is carried out by nursery staff. They will balance educational gains of an activity against any potential risks.

The safety of the children is maintained in the following ways:

  • All children must be signed in and out of the nursery.
  • Children are checked in and out for outdoor play which ensures that a child is never left unattended.
  • We also carry out an annual health and safety check as well as spontaneous checks by staff.
  • We ban the use of mobile phones in our nursery rooms and only specified cameras are used for recording activities.

Be healthy

We have strict guidelines to control the administration of medication.

A minimum of three staff at nursery are trained in paediatric first aid. Infection control measures are in place and stringent hand-washing procedures in all areas using anti bacterial soap and gel.

We encourage parent’s to provide a balanced, healthy packed lunch in line with Government guidelines.  Lunch boxes are stored in our fridge.  We provide a healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snack which varies every week – the children will sometimes help prepare these.  All staff preparing snacks for the children (or who undertake cookery activities) have current food hygiene certificates.

Enjoy and Achieve

As from September 2012, we will be following the revised Government framework for learning, development and care – THE EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE (EYFS). This framework aims to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to learn through high quality play to the best of their ability.

Our curriculum meets all the requirements of the EYFS and supports all aspects of their learning and development. We allow the children to explore, investigate and enjoy learning. We do this through a variety of ways:

  • Water, sand and other malleable materials
  • Construction and small world play
  • Large and fine motor skills
  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Role play and imaginative opportunities
  • Stories
  • Mark making – through a variety of media, paint, water, sand, clay, play dough, pencils
  • Experiences outdoors
  • Science and nature
  • Dancing, music, instruments and sensory experiences

Experienced Staff you can Trust

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff who have worked together as a team for many years and are well qualified – good staff are crucial to the success of a setting. Staff are encouraged to extend, improve and update their training and qualifications with the nursery’s full support.

We believe that we are friendly and approachable and fully appreciate the importance of our partnership with our parents or carers, whilst not losing sight of the fact that the focus is on fun and education for the children. Staff must have the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to observe, assess and plan for children’s learning effectively thus identifying and meeting any additional needs a child may have. This is all linked to the EYFS and recorded in their individual folders and learning journeys.

We operate a key worker system at the nursery. These means that the person assigned to your child will build a special relationship with them and help to meet their needs while they are in our care. They will offer security, reassurance and continuity and are in the best position to understand their key child’s individual needs and to share information with the parents/carers about their child’s experiences in nursery.

The key person also helps the child develop relationships with other staff members. For example, when the time comes for the child to progress from Dragonflies to the Crickets room, the key person will help the child and the parents to develop a new relationship with their new key worker.

Make a positive contribution

We work together with parents to ensure children’s individual needs are met. Social inclusion is promoted and children are encouraged to behave in a respectful way to others around them.

It is important for the parents to share information with the nursery staff about a child’s development and learning and this helps to facilitate a positive relationship. This starts at the very beginning of your child’s time with us with a ‘More About Me’ form outlining your child’s current capabilities and likes and dislikes. We use ‘Learning Journeys’ to record our observations and plan for the children’s learning during the forthcoming term.

We encourage parents to continue talking about work and topics that we have been doing at nursery at home. We also encourage parents to use ‘WOW’ vouchers recording a significant achievement in the child’s life which we then share with the group. Finally, we invite parents into the nursery to share any skills they may have with the children or just to read a favourite story.

Ample opportunities are provided for parents to discuss their child’s progress, either before or after each session; or by way of coffee mornings, parents evenings or one of the other social events we hold (Easter party, summer trip, Christmas party). We also have a notice board with useful information and a termly newsletter to keep everyone up to date.


We control the suitability of people within the nursery by adhering to these policies:

  • All nursery personnel have an enhanced CRB/DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.
  • New staff require a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate before they are allowed to interact with children without supervision.
  • All new staff must have two employment references checked before starting at the nursery. We may ask for an additional education reference where applicable.
  • All adults collecting children from the nurseries will have to be nominated and identified beforehand and will need to quote an agreed password.
  • All external nursery doors are secure and visitors will need to be identified before entry is allowed.
  • Visitors are checked into and out of the nursery.

All documentation relating to policies and procedures can be viewed on request at all our nurseries.

Moving on to School

During a child’s time with us, we introduce them to a variety of activities and experiences that encourage them to solve problems, make decisions and become independent learners. We use activities that provide mathematical concepts for example, big and small, different shapes, full and empty, as well as numbers.

This can be done in a variety of ways, including water and sand play, construction toys, painting and sticking and outdoor play. We use scales for weighing objects, do floating and sinking experiments and do lots of cookery which incorporates many mathematical and scientific aspects.

Children are encouraged to look at books and pictures, listen to stories and telling them, identifying words and signs in the environment, copying patterns – all exposing the children to letters and the first steps to reading. Children have their own name pegs and their own name badges which they are encouraged to pick out and stick onto a board daily. They are also encouraged to write their own names on their ‘work’.

We liaise closely with all the local primary schools and arrange for the reception teachers to visit the children in the Nursery. For those children who will be moving onto our village school (North Nibley C of E Primary School), we arrange for several preschool visits where the children spend time in their future classroom and have an insight into what goes on and familiarise themselves with the reception teachers. This has proved invaluable to many children and their parents.



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