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by Admin on November 8, 2019

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Thank you for all the responses to our recent questionnaire, it is very much appreciated so that we can continue to be a reflective practice and improve.

A few points that we wish to address as follows:


  1. Regarding communicating our range of activities: Information on our completed activities is provided via your child’s home books. the chalk board outside in the yard which is updated daily, our termly newsletter which also displays our topics and snacks for the term, our closed group Facebook page and our website.  We will now also be putting our forthcoming activities for the week ahead on the Facebook page.
  2. Encouraging parents and carers to become involved: parents are always welcome to come in and read, share a skill, play an instrument or talk about their professions.  We frequently ask for assistance on specific areas on our newsletter.  We will now be putting more notices on the front door asking for parent/carer input for certain topics, to bring in photos or objects etc.

Your feedback is always welcome, we are always available to hear your views.

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