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by Admin on September 6, 2017

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Children who take risks in their play in the early years are more likely to remain mentally well, according to the Mental Health Foundation.

However, recent research by Play England has found that there is a huge disparity between the activities of children today to those of their parents.

•    21% of children play outside today compared to 71% of their parents
•    64% of children today play outside less than once a week
•    43% of adults think children shouldn’t play outside alone  until age 14
•    More children are admitted to hospital for falling out of bed than out of trees – True
•    25% of primary school children walk home from school compared to 86% in 1971.

Interesting statistics! Can you remember how you played when you were a child?

Here at nursery, we love playing outside and exploring our surrounding including visits to the farm.  All our activities support and promote risk taking in a safe environment.  The children love being outside (and so do we!)



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